Water Quality in Manhattan

Flint, Michigan is currently experiencing an environmental and health disaster after lead was found in the city's water system. In NYC, lead had been a long time concern and it can be found in paint or drinking water. Although NYC's water quality is considered to be outstanding, the plumbing in households and businesses may contain traces of lead that can affect New Yorkers' health.

To be proactive on this issue, the city created the Free Residential Lead Testing Program. Household owners receive the kit for the Department of Environmental Protection to test the water for high levels of lead. Interested homeowners can request the kit by filling this form. It is free of charge.

With this in mind I decided to map

1. Water quality complains to 311 (in blue)

2. Lead kits requested (in yellow).

The one thing that stands out when looking at the map is that residents in the Upper West Side and Yorkville, 2 very afluent neighborhoods, asked for the most kits when compared with the rest of the borough.

I will be ideal to also map the results of the tests, but I was not able to find that piece of information.

Lead Kit Request Data

311 Water Complaints